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Need an interesting weekend plan for the family?!
Headed to the beach but don't really want to get salty the whole time?!

Bored on a sunny afternoon?!

Never touched a horse or any other farm animal before?!

Well then you have come to the RIGHT place! Located in Newport, NC, about twenty minutes from the sweet waves of Atlantic Beach is The Barnyard.

The Barnyard is a family owned and operated farm that offers a petting zoo atmosphere perfect for parties of any kind and any age.

Not only do we host parties on site, we can also load up the critters and haul out to most locations for birthday parties, squadron parties and well, any parties!

More interested in an one-on-one experience?! We also specialize in western riding lessons for any age at one of the most reasonable prices on the coast!

Browse our page and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!